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Manpower planning is the process including forecasting, developing and controlling by which a firm ensures that it has the right number of people and the right kind of people at the right places, at the right time doing work for which they are economically most useful.

Gulf Link Services is a certified manpower company approved by the Govt. of India offering entire solution in the direct placement of human resources. We utilizes the international standard of selection process, and has been delivering the solid support system to the huge numbers of clientele ranging from Multi National Companies, Corporate Houses and Government undertakings extended all over the KSA and Middle East.

We pursue Excellences by keeping perfect quality services as our watchword that enhances our reputation of being the most reliable, dependable and accessible agency around. Our profound experience, mind to foresee the needs of clients and candidates sound infrastructure empower us to handle effectively even macro recruitment projects effortlessly. We maintain up to date databank of potential candidates with full information on their skills and education as per the client’s criteria,. The processing phase entails going through the applications and resumes submitted by the prospective employees. This phase helps the employer to identify candidates who are suitable for the initial interview, which may be conducted over the phone or face to face. The processing phase also entails the actual interview, in which the employer is able to discuss information provided in the application by the prospective employee, as well as assess the candidate's character and communication skills.

Interview for short listed industrial and technical candidates will be conducted by the Employer himself or his representative by taking an oral, written and practical test.
Gulf Link Services
provides the technical trade test facilities and clients can select the workers conducting interview and trade test in the same place. During the trade test, our staff member will assist clients as well as workers with efficiency, like translating the language of both sides.

Only selected candidates will be sent for full medical examination to the clinic recognized by the GAMCA. The candidates who are physically and medically fit for employment are eligible to sign the employment contract and he/she should be entitled to process his/her employment visa.

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